Resources for Pregnant Women Addicted to Heroin/Opiates

Resources for Pregnant Women Addicted to Heroin/Opiates

Medication Assisted Treatment

There are three recommended medical options at this time. Methadone maintenance and Subutex are the two most common medications for pregnant women who are addicted to heroin or other opiate drugs. Suboxone providers change with some frequencies therefore you can visit a website called a doctor to find a more current list of Suboxone physicians. You will need to call them to determine if they will accept you as a patient.

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If you would like further information on how destructive heroin can be, and details on how to see signs of heroin use, how to prevent heroin use, and how to get help on treatment with recovery steps please visit is a professional web guide that connects individuals struggling with addiction to treatment options. Addiction to opioids such as heroin, morphine and prescription pain relievers continues to be a global health concern.

An estimated 26.4 million to 36 million people abuse opioids worldwide. Our goal is to provide families and communities with helpful information and resources on substance abuse, addiction, and recovery options.

Link to Addiction Center’s Heroin Page

For further information also visit The Recovery Village’s website on Heroin for detailed explanations and descriptions on the dangerous opiate. Understand exactly what heroin is and what it does to your body. Visit the link below.

Link to The Recovery Village