What is the Child Care Program?

Seneca County families who are working or in school can apply for help to pay for their child care. Additional allowances can be made for travel time and/or sleep time.
You must choose a licensed child care center, school latchkey program, head start, or a home provider (relative or non relative) or in-home aide that is certified by the  Seneca County DJFS in order to get help. Open this link to view Child Care Provider options.

Who is Eligible?

Assistance is available for parents or caretakers & household members who are Seneca County residents and whose income is within 142% of the Federal Poverty Level.  Child care is available only for hours of employment, education or training, or participation in an eligible activity to receive public assistance

2024 HHS Poverty Guidelines
(Income before Deductions).

You may be required to pay for part of your child care, called a co-payment. The amount you pay is based on your gross income and family size.

How do I Apply?

1) Obtain & Complete the Required Forms

You may print the following required forms:

Or, You may call our office at 419-447-5011 or 800-825-5011 to have these forms mailed to you, or email childcare@senecadjfs.org
Or, you may come to our office and pick up an application.  Click here for our hours and location.

2) Return the Three Required Forms

By Mail to:
Seneca County DJFS
900 E CR 20
Tiffin, OH 448830

By Fax to:  419-447-5345

The date your application is received by the agency is the date eligibility may start (not the date you sign the application).

3) Additional Steps

Once your application is received, a checklist will be sent to you to inform you of any other information needed in order to determine your eligibility.
You will need to provide proof of at least one month’s current gross income for all household members.

Your application may pend for 30 days from the date it is received by this agency.  You are responsible for child care until approval is made.

You will be notified in writing of the decision made on your application.
A face-to-face interview is not required.

More Information

The State of Ohio Department of Job & Family Services Child Care pages offers detailed information and links for additional child care resources.