Our Mission: Through collaboration with families and community partners we strive to achieve safety, well-being and permanency for the children and adults of Seneca County.

Our Services
The Seneca County Department of Job and Family Services is required to receive reports of child abuse and neglect, and to investigate those reports in a timely manner. When necessary, Seneca County DJFS works with families to identify services and develop a case plan that reduces the risk of future abuse or neglect. Click here for a guide to parents that will further explain what to expect when your family has been visited by a children services worker.

In most cases where a need for services has been identified, Seneca County DJFS provides services to the child and family while the child remains in the home. However, there are instances when the child cannot remain safely in the home and it becomes necessary for the Seneca County DJFS to work with the local court system to remove the child from the situation. When the child is placed outside of the home, Seneca County DJFS must develop a plan detailing the activities that must occur to ensure that the child is able to return home safely. If that is not possible, the plan will identify an alternative safe, stable, permanent living situation that promotes the child’s health, growth, and development.

If you have concerns of abuse or neglect, see our pages on Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect and What Happens After you Report Abuse or Neglect.

Payments may be made for parenting classes to assist at-risk individuals; needy families so that children may be cared for in their own home or in the home of a relative.  Parenting education topics include  appropriate supervision and discipline, how to provide basic needs, child development, etc.

Link to The Seneca County Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU.
To help you interpret our language, we’ve  included some common Children Services Acronyms and Terms.

Parenting Tips