Making Child Support Payments


Payment by Cash

*******This option has been suspended effective 3/18/2020 until further notice as the agency lobby is closed to the public due to the corona virus.  See below for other payment options of either mailing a payment or utilizing a Credit/Debit Card.*******

Obligors may pay cash at our agency during business hours and must be for the exact amount as the agency is unable to provide change.


 Payment by Mail

Obligors may pay by mail by sending a personal check, cashier’s check, or money order to:

Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC)
PO Box 182372
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2372

NOTE: Remittance must have the obligor’s name and 2 of these 3 additional pieces of information: SETS Case Number, Order Number, and/or Social Security Number.

Employers may pay by mail by sending payments to:

Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC)
PO Box 182394
Columbus, Ohio 43218-2394

Employers/income providers deducting and remitting for employees with multiple child support orders, the following website has a calculator to assist in determining the appropriate amount of support to deduct and remit: Ohio CSEA Directors’ Association.


Payment by Credit/Debit Card

Obligors and employers can make payments using credit/debit cards by logging onto SMART e-Pay at:  or calling 1-888-965-2676 and selecting option 5.

Payments also may be made through ExpertPay, however fees may apply and it will take longer.