The OhioMeansJobs Seneca County office provides free help to employers with recruitment and hiring services based on your company’s needs. At OhioMeansJobs Seneca County, we have a constant influx of individuals looking for work, or looking for better jobs or more education. These individuals are getting free help with resumes and job search skills. Our staff are experienced working with the unemployed and under-employed in Seneca County. With this available labor pool and the free on-line resources available, our staff are a valuable asset to the employers of the Seneca County area.


Job Posting  allows you to post job openings directly or staff and OhioMeansJobs Seneca County can collect information about a job you wish to fill and post that information for you.  Once the order is posted, applicants can be referred directly to you or the OhioMeansJobs Seneca County office can do further screening for you.

To obtain this service you can complete the job order form and fax it to 419-447-5345 or email it to the Business Services Consultant. Or, if you call the Business Services Consultant directly, the majority of the time the information can be collected during a short phone conversation.


Resume Searches:  Employers can do their own resume searches. But why not let staff at OhioMeansJobs Seneca County manage that task?  Staff will search the millions of resumes on and Monster and refer qualified candidates to you.

Applicant Screening: The staff at the OhioMeansJobs Seneca County can screen applicants for job orders to ensure that the applicants possess the skills required for the position.  And, with their knowledge of available employee and employer services available, the staff can guide you to various support programs when qualifications are met.  Your valuable time can be spent reviewing job order application of only individuals that meet your qualifications and needs. Let our staff can do all of the leg work, and then turn over the qualifying applications to you to complete the hiring process. What a time saver for you!




Carol Kern, Business Services Consultant

Seneca County Dept. of Job & Family Services

900 E. CR 20

Tiffin, OH 44883

PH: (419) 447-5011 x2322

FAX: (419) 447-5345