ACV – Alleged Child Victim

AP – Alleged Perpetrator

CAPMIS – Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model

CAPTA – Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act

CRIS-E – Client Registry Information System

COPS – Court Ordered Protective Supervision (same as PSUP)

FACSIS – Family and Children Services Information System

FINS – Family In Need of Services

ICPC – Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

ICCA – Individual Child Care Agreement

MEPA – Multi-Ethnic Placement Act

ORC – Ohio Revised Code

OAC – Ohio Administrative Code

PRC – Prevention, Retention, and Contingency

PSUP – Protective Supervision (same as COPS)

SACWIS – Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System

SAR – Semi-Annual Review

SIS – SACWIS Interim Solution

TC – Temporary Custody


Case Plan – CAPMIS tool used to address risk factors identified within the Family Assessment. Completed only if a case is transferred to ongoing.

Family Assessment – CAPMIS tool used to identify current and historical risks to a child. Completed within 30-45 days of intake.

Home Assessment – Visual inspection of a home, interviews, and expanded criminal records check.

Indicated – Limited evidence has been found to corroborate the allegation; the allegation could not be substantiated.

Intake – Form used to collect reported concerns of child abuse/neglect.

Investigation – Process of addressing allegations and evaluating risk.

Kinship – Relative or non-relative who has previously established a bond with a child.

Resolution / Disposition – Findings of an allegation of child abuse/neglect.

Safety Assessment – CAPMIS tool used to evaluate child’s safety from immediate, serious harm. Completed within 4 business days of intake.

Safety Plan – CAPMIS tool utilized voluntarily by a client to document a strategy to prevent immediate, serious harm to the child.

Screened In – Intake is assigned to a worker for investigation.

Screened Out – Intake is not investigated.

Sight and Safety – Visual inspection of a home with limited criminal records check.

Substantiated – Evidence has been found to corroborate the allegation.

Unsubstantiated – No evidence has been found to corroborate the allegation.