What Information am I Entitled to After Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect?

Section 5101:2-34-38 of the Ohio Administrative Code limits the dissemination of information relating to child abuse or neglect. If you are not the legal custodian of the child being investigated or you are not the alleged perpetrator of suspected abuse/neglect, then you may not be entitled to any information at all.

What Information am I Entitled to as a Mandated Reporter?

Following your report of suspected child abuse/neglect, you should be notified of your entitlement to the following pieces of information: Such information is limited to the following:

  1. Whether the department has initiated an investigation of the report.
  2. Whether the department is continuing to investigate the report.
  3. Whether the department is otherwise involved with the child, who is the subject of the report.
  4. The general status of the health and safety of the child, who is the subject of the report.
  5. Whether the report has resulted in the filing of a compliant in Juvenile Court or of criminal charges in another court.

Should you decide to request the following information, please send a request in writing to the agency. For a prompt response, please include the caretaker’s name and the child’s name.

Mandated Reporters may send written requests to:
Seneca County Department of Job & Family services
Attn: Jennifer Schumacher, Intake/Investigation Supervisor
900 E CR 20
Tiffin, OH 44883
Fax #: 419-448-4279