Reimbursement and Training Programs: You Hire, You Train, WE Pay! 

Job Training Reimbursement programs are available in Seneca County through the OhioMeansJobs Seneca County office. If you are an employer looking to grow your existing workforce, then we can provide reimbursement for specific training costs.  Employers can be reimbursed for wages up to 100%.  These programs are a win/win situation for everyone; the employer is reimbursed the cost of training, the employee learns new skills and the local economy is boosted by new employment opportunities.


Wage Reimbursement Programs


Youth Employment Program:  A work experience program for eligible youth up to age 24 with the placement not to exceed 1040 hours. Pyramid Recruiting is the employer of record so all wages and fringes are covered by the program. The employer schedules hours and provides supervision.

Subsidized Employment: A program for eligible job seekers with a percentage of wages reimbursed up to 40 hours/week for a period of 4 months.

On the Job Training: A percentage of the eligible new hire’s wages is reimbursed during a training period that can last up to 6 months or $8,000, whichever comes first

There are caps and time limits per eligible trainee but no cap on the amount that can be issued to an employer. You refer the individuals  to us and we will determine if the candidate is eligible for any of the programs and, if eligible for more than one, which will provide the most benefit to you, the employer.


Training Programs

Incumbent Worker Training: A grant available to help companies grow and maintain competitiveness by investing in the training of their existing workforce.  An employer match is required.

Customized Training: Utilize training and education programs that can be customized to meet your staffing needs.


All Seneca County employers are potentially eligible. To get more information about these programs and other services, contact:

Carol Kern, Business Services Consultant

Seneca County Dept. of Job & Family Services

900 E. CR 20

Tiffin, OH 44883

PH: (419) 447-5011 x2322

FAX: (419) 447-5345