What is Transitional Medicaid?

Up to twelve continuous months of Transitional Medicaid can be given to a family that was receiving Healthy Start & Healthy Families Medicaid or OWF when earned income of a parent/caretaker causes ineligibility.

How do I apply for Transitional Medicaid?

You don’t apply. You must already be receiving Medicaid or OWF. Your family must have been eligible for and received Healthy Start & Healthy Families Medicaid or OWF in at least 3 of the 6 months immediately preceding the first month of ineligibility. When you report an increase in earned income that makes your family ineligible for your current Medicaid program, your caseworker will automatically look at eligibility for Transitional Medicaid.

Transitional Medicaid does not require a face-to-face interview for initial or ongoing eligibility. But, the family must have earned income in each of the months and must also submit quarterly reports.

Transitional Medicaid eligibility begins the month immediately following the last month of eligibility for Healthy Start & Healthy Families or OWF.

The family is eligible for the first 6 months of Transitional Medicaid regardless of the amount of earned income; however, the amount of gross earned income, less child care expenses, for the second 6 months cannot exceed 185% of the federal poverty level.

Persons in Family
or Household
Family Income
1 $22,311
2 $30,044
3 $37,777
4 $45,510
5 $53,243
6 $60,976
7 $68,709
8 $76,442
Each Add’l Person Add $7,733

Eligibility based on 185% of the
2017 Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines
published January 26, 2017